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What is Progress Plum?
Progress Plum is a standup bot for Slack designed to coordinate standups with minimal distractions and notifications. Your Slack channels don't need to be overflowing with distracting notifications just to run a standup.
What is respondent?
A respondent is a person participating in a report and answering questions.
Why am I not seeing any private channels?
For private channels, Plum Bot must first be added to the private channel where the report should be posted. Once Plum Bot is invited to the private channel, that channel will be listed in the selectable channels where the report can be posted.
How can I edit one my of submitted answers?
As long as the report hasn't been posted to a main channel, you can simply edit the message you used to answer a question. Modifying a message after a report has been submitted will not be reflected in the final report.
Are my reports secure?
Absolutely! Reports are encrypted with AES 128-bit encryption. On top of that, all data is encrypted even further at the storage level for more peace of mind.
Can I invite other members to create reports?
The more the merrier! You can invite members from the Team tab to become admins. You can invite anyone from your Slack workspace to create, update, and delete reports.
How can I change the respondents for a report?
From the Reports list, select a report and press the Edit button. From there, you can change who participates in the report.
Which technologies are use to make Progress Plum?
Progress Plum is composed of Elixir with Phoenix, PostgreSQL, Vue.js, and a lot of coffee.

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