Automated Slack standups for better team collaboration.

Progress Plum is a Slack app that coordinates standups for your remote team. Keep your projects on-track with improved task awareness and collaboration.

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Display of report sent as a message in Slack

How It Works

Let Plum Bot Investigate

Plum bot starting an individual's report from within Slack
Add to Slack

Progress Plum needs to be added as a Slack App to your Slack Workspace to access is part of year team and channels are available for receiving reports.

Schedule a Report

Schedule a report to ask the questions your team needs answers to. Choose the questions that best help manage your project. You can even configure a report to run on certain days of the week.

Give Your Report

At the scheduled time, Plum Bot will ask you questions as a direct message one by one. Synchronize the rest of your team with tasks.

Stay Up To Date

Once each respondent has provided their report or an hour has passed, the report will be posted in a channel as a single message. If you're on a secret project, you can have the report posted in a private channel.


Once a report is posted, communicate with your team and discuss any potential issues or blockers. Don't forget to give your teammates praise for being awesome 👍.


Improve Team Communication

Multiple Standups

Enable standups for all of your teams, both big and small. There is no limit to the amount of reports.

Custom Questions

Ask the relevant questions that need answers. Since all teams aren't the same, neither should your questions.

Configurable Schedule

Daily progress reports maybe been too frequent for some teams. Configure a report to run on specific days of the week.

Private Channels

Teams working on super secret projects can retain their secrecy. Connect a private channel and send reports to it.


Pay For What You Use

No matter the size of your Slack Workspace, you get every feature without limitation. All you'll pay $2/active respondent/month. You will never be charged for inactive respondents.

Progress Plum $2/active respondent billed monthly
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Unlimited Admins
  • Custom Questions
  • Configurable Days
  • Private Channels
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